Foster to adopt information:   see below!

                            Sometimes we place parents into Foster homes.  Usually females but occastionally we have a stud that qualifies.  The first couple weeks can be a trial basis but if it's a good fit for the dog and families then the dog will continue to live with the foster family.  The only time they return to our homes is when it's breeding time or whelping time.  Those details are worked out between us and the foster family.  After the dog is retired from breeding then the ownership is transfered to the foster family.  Here are some pros and cons to fostering one of our dogs which may help explain some details.

Pros:                                                                                         Cons:

1. You get to skip the puppy stage.                                        1. We continue to own the dog

2. We pay the vet bills.                                                             2. They come to our home for breeding

3. You have a trial basis to see if the dog is a good fit.         and whelping.  Sometimes we allow     4. No purchase price for an expensive dog.                           home visits during puppy time.

5. We take the dog while your family goes on                   3. You must live close to us so the dog 

    vacation.                                                                                       can return to us for breeding and

                                                                                                            vet exams.

                    Foster to Adopt Application 

              Click on the link above, fill out the application and email it to us. We reserve the right to decline a family if the conditions aren't appropriate for any of our dogs or we don't think it's a good fit.